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June 11, 2024
Celebrate Fathers’s Day, this weekend, with us. We’ve included a few Father Favs with a Pesto’s twist. 🍻
June 7, 2024
How to be Italian 101: 1. Pull up a chair at Pesto’s with your friends & family. 2. Order one of our limited Italian hand-made specials (or your favorite menu item). 3. Don’t forget to pair with a drink. 4. Enjoy a night filled with laughter & good company.
June 6, 2024
Everyone is here, where are you?! It’s time to eat, drink, and enjoy the company. 🍝🍕🍷
May 30, 2024
On vacation you can find us where the sand meets the water, but on a Thursday you can find us where the drinks pair with our elevated weekend specials. ✨
May 30, 2024
A four day work week means coasting through and heading to happy hour with your friends…. Or spending the weekend with us & enjoying one of our delicious specials
May 29, 2024
🚨 We ARE OPEN & are not going anywhere. We are just doing a little refresher to our sign. 🌴

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