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February 24, 2024
Join us in raising a glass to the beauty of life, the richness of friendship and the unparalleled delights of French food and wine. A Votre Sante!
February 22, 2024
You outta get the burrata or one of our other weekend specials. ✨
February 22, 2024
Red, white and dinner with YOU! No other way to spend this weekend. ❤️💙🤍
February 14, 2024
All you need is love 💕
February 10, 2024
Dine with us, laugh with us, and share with someone you love this Valentine’s Day. Here is our Valentine’s menu (offering through Saturday). Book your reservations or dine with us over next weekend. *most regular items available & limited happy hour
February 9, 2024
Pizza- check Sliders- check Mozzarella- check Dessert – check We are ready for the football frenzy weekend of specials. 🏈

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